Jamie’s Project: Finalizing the Design

As prototype 4 comes out of the printer, I am sadly left with just 7 days to wrap up this project and my internship at 3DPhacktory. I have finally come to decide on a product name: hexsound — which is inspired by the consistent hexagonal shape I have stuck with throughout my design process. My most recent […]

Jamie’s Project: Prototype 3

For my third prototype, I decided to try out what it would be like to split the iPhone’s single speaker into two separate amplifying cups. Once the model came out of the printer, I encountered a couple of structural flaws. Firstly, when I place my iPhone into the stand the structure tips backwards and nearly […]

The Trench Group Scaled Transformer Parts

The Trench Group is a worldwide leading manufacturer of High Voltage Products such as Instrument Transformers, Bushings and Coil Products. In order to display the company’s products at trade shows, the Trench Group wanted to flaunt their new technology and would bring huge, full scale products with them to the extent that they even needed cranes to bring them in. […]

Caliber Communications Surveillance Tech

Caliber Communications is an exponentially growing small company that is innovating in surveillance technologies. This company aimed to catch investors’ eyes by creating a show room, displaying their product, their potential and their future success. With the hopes to produce a conceptual design for a camera box that was sleek, modern and unique to their company, Caliber […]

Jamie’s Project: Prototype 2

I am excited to see that my second prototype has greatly improved in comparison to my first prototype. The spherical interior and the larger scale have altered the design, sound volume and sound quality for the better. While the product was printing, however, I noticed that its size was much bigger than I had expected it would be […]