3D Scanning with My3DAgency

Have you ever wanted a photo-realistic, fully colored mini model of yourself? My3DAgency, a 3D scanning and printing company has just moved into our space and can help you create any kind of digital asset including a photorealistic model of yourself! In just minutes, they can “immortalize the moment” and your whole body can be scanned […]

Tips for 3D Modelling and Printing

Today is my final day as a 3DPhacktory Intern. I was so excited to see that my last prototype was ready in the morning, worked really well and looked pretty cool in orange! This process has been a complicated mix of successes and failures, but it was the failures that taught me the most and that have […]

Finalizing Jamie’s Product Design

Today I hit a functionality hurdle. Basically I wanted to try one last redesign to really make sure I was amplifying the phone as loud as possible, but instead, the new design ended up doing the opposite and muffling the sound instead. The idea was to sit the phone in the sphere (as shown below), so I […]

The Importance of Design in Tech & Business

  Think of your top five favourite products — Your Apple iPhone? Your Bose speakers? Your Apple macbook? Your Nike runners? You might be wondering what all of these products have in common. Despite the fact that they serve purposes that are either technology based, comfort based, health based etc., they all share the common feature of […]

Jamie’s  Prototype #5

After creating five prototypes over the past three weeks, I am finally content with my design for hexsound. The sound from the speakers is being amplified, the phone charger has a sleek and secure path to travel through to the back, the size is great for sitting on a desk or a side table and […]