The Trench Group is a worldwide leading manufacturer of High Voltage Products such as Instrument Transformers, Bushings and Coil Products. In order to display the company’s products at trade shows, the Trench Group wanted to flaunt their new technology and would bring huge, full scale products with them to the extent that they even needed cranes to bring them in.

The Trench Group came to 3DPhacktory with the need for smaller scale, lighter and easily transportable models that they could use at these shows. We took their manufacturing files and rebuilt them for 3D printing assembly.

We used ABS plastic to print the parts, which allowed us to use an acid bath to make the product very smooth. We also used real screws and bolts for some of the hardware because it looked more realistic than it would have in plastic. The parts could be disassembled into several pieces and utilized wooden doweling and metal rods in the interior for strength. We sourced painters to give the parts a beautiful finish and a company to make cases for the parts for us, so they could be easy to travel with and take to shows without damage.

The nice thing about this project is that it showcases just how far you can take a model or a prototype – you can get a professional looking, large scale prototype, like the Trench Group did, with a carrying case and all!