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Montreal’s maximum service 3D design and printing studio offering high resolution, dual-material solutions to clients in every industry including some that were invented using 3D printing!

3D Printing Montreal Creativity into Reality

3DPhacktory provides 3D printing and design services to clients all over Greater Montreal. Regardless of your level of experience with 3D printing and design, we have a solution to fit your needs. Have a design ready to print? Send us your .STL file and you can have a prototype in your hands the same week. Need help turning your sketch into a 3D Model? We have skilled designers on hand to take you from napkin plan to finished object. Come in for a tour to get a better idea of the process and of course, see some examples! No matter the job, 3DPhacktory has a solution to fit your needs.


In the meantime check out this example of a cool project we did for the Osheaga music festival!

3-D Printing pairs well with the following services which we also provide

Industrial Design - Packaging Design, Product Development, Photorealistic Renders, Rapid Prototyping Services for Inventors

Thanks to our team of industrial designers, both in house and freelance, we're able to provide the most intimate of solutions backed by the hands-on experience of designing for 3D printing and manufacturing on a daily basis!

Movies and Television - Props, Set Design, Pre Vis Models

High resolution printing for small scale models of large scale designs and productions allow for details as small as a gargoyle on the top of a tower to be shown in a model that can fit in your hand, all within the turnaround time demanded by the fast paced creative industry of film.

Additive Manufacturing - High Detail/Complexity, Low Volume Manufacturing and Production of End Use Parts

Real products being manufactured in real time for crowd sourcing campaigns, beta runs and even just indefinitely! Never has it been easier to actually provide an end-use product that looks as good as it functions for a guaranteed price at a guaranteed rate of production, regardless of order quantity.

3D Scanning, Artistic Design, Professional Painting and Finishing

Organic shapes and the like are often better served by scanning them to be worked with virtually by digital artists, who then pass the printed version on for professional finishing by traditional artists using whatever means necessary to achieve the most photorealistic affects and aesthetics.

Educational and Architectural Scale Models

Our design team is critical for translating classic architectural CAD designs into functional 3D printable files for any stage and budget including conceptual, detailed and sales models.


Merci! Je viens tout juste de recevoir mon support à iPhone pour ma voiture et je ne pourrais pas être plus satisfait! Vraiment un bon service! Merci encore, super rapide et professionnel! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Guillaume Briere

The gents here know their stuff or will get it solved if they don't. I challenged them to come up with a very complex industrial enclosure CAD model based on a rough sketch. The enclosure had atypical features and a lot of internal measures and possible interference issues that needed attention. Although, this project was challenging both from a technical and from a style standpoint, Tyler, Mike and Victor delivered an amazing print - on the first try. Highly recommend these guys and I will use them again.

Michael Kadonoff

Had a great experience with 3DPhacktory; excellent reproduction of a band logo for David Barrett Trio. Laurie and the crew are real pros and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. HotHouse Creative Inc. will be back for more!

Paul Reid


Tyler Abbey

Mechanical Engineer

Ian Cameron

Lead Designer/Production Manager

Marc Varone

Industrial Designer

Jonathon Markowski

Industrial Designer

Stephanie Towndrow

Interior Designer

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