Caliber Communications is an exponentially growing small company that is innovating in surveillance technologies. This company aimed to catch investors’ eyes by creating a show room, displaying their product, their potential and their future success. With the hopes to produce a conceptual design for a camera box that was sleek, modern and unique to their company, Caliber Communications came to 3DPhacktory to get the job done.

3DPhacktory took all of their components and repackaged them into a sleek and cool looking shell. We made drawings and sketches to come up with the design and then printed the product in PLA plastic. This was a large scale print with a turnaround of under two weeks. The product was printed in many parts, which could then be pieced together or left apart. The company decided to do both – leaving the top off one version of the product to reveal its interior workings.

We were very excited to be involved in 3D printing for the surveillance technology industry and are looking forward to see how this product evolves! Contact us today to learn how we can turn your product idea into a reality!