We got a new 3D printer!

We are lucky enough to be the first place in town to get the brand spankin’ new MakerBot Replicator Z18!   With its massive 12″x12″x18″ print bed, we will now be able to print large scale 3D printed objects for more a more affordable price. Check out thingiverse.com to check out some incredible designs that are […]

Injection Molding with 3D Printed Molds

This is a game changer! A cutting edge combination of old and new manufacturing techniques that can cut down your lead time by 700%-1800% and save your costs by up to 75%  by 3D printing your mold for injection molding on our Polyjet Connex500 3D printer. Whereas making an aluminum or steel mold can take […]

3D Print Your Own Custom 6″ Action Figures

3D design and printing  offer an almost unlimited range of possibilities as to what can be created and custom manufactured. Here at 3DPHACKTORY our in-house designers can take your sketch or photograph and create a custom action figure which then can be 3D printed in ABS plastic on our FDM printer. From start to finish […]

Shin Guards – Design & Print for Molding Example

A client came to us wanting to create a shin guard prototype. He needed a 3D model designed based on existing shin guards, and from that model he needed a 3D printed mold in which to create his prototype. The pictures below show the development of this project. 3D Model of Shin Guard & Mold […]

3D Printing Infographic

Click the image to see a full size infographic all  about 3D printing (and Jay Leno) by Newark.