Client – Bell/Astral

Final Product for Bell/Astral 3D Render for Print Approval Concept Mock-up sent by client

3D Printed Custom Product Design for Deloitte

By: Nick White Deloitte came to us with a brand concept and vision that they wanted to have turned into a number of 3D printed objects to be used as a part of a conference they were hosting with Singularity University. As you can see in the video, we designed some sketches and 3D renders […]

PrecisionHawk Case Study: Multi-Material Printing for Manufacturing

We made a video to demonstrate the way that our Objet Connex500 multi-material printer can create be used for specific applications, and offer unique solutions to clients that no other manufacturing tool can provide. The ability to print multiple materials into one part has endless possibilities, so we want to give you a bit of […]

This Week in 3D Printing

By: Nick White Pq Eyewear teams with designer Ron Arad for 3D printed eyewear line 3D printed eyeglasses aren’t anything new for most people keeping up to date on 3D printing news. However, this partnership between Arad and a mass market eyewear producer is a first in that it is actually being marketed to every […]