This is a game changer! A cutting edge combination of old and new manufacturing techniques that can cut down your lead time by 700%-1800% and save your costs by up to 75%  by 3D printing your mold for injection molding on our Polyjet Connex500 3D printer. Whereas making an aluminum or steel mold can take weeks or months to make, we can have a mold ready for you in as little as 12 hours!

Besides the time and cost savings, printing your mold with us allows you to create a mold with much more complex detail than traditional tooling or milling allows for. Furthermore, if you want to make  changes to your design, you can print off a new mold with your new design very quickly.

If you have a part you want manufactured using injection molding contact us and we will help you make your part with this exciting new technique!

More information on the technical aspects can be found here.