Jamie’s Design Iterations Continued

Today I have continued iterating my design. I spent long hours yesterday working to achieve an old school gramophone aesthetic, as you can see in my previous blog post, but have today come to the decision that I should stick to a more modern look. When designing a product, it is important to push your […]

Jamie’s Project Phase 3: Iteration

Most Recent Design Iteration Today was filled with sketching, modeling and then more sketching and then more modeling… you get it. Trying to find the balance between function and design is crucial when designing a product, but can also be extremely difficult when working in the digital world of 3D modeling software. After hours of trial […]

Jamie’s Project Phase 2: Prototyping

  Prototype #1 I excitedly arrived at work this morning to see that my first 3D modeled prototype was printed and ready to experiment with! It was the craziest experience seeing something that I worked to design digitally suddenly come to life in the real world, in front of my eyes. I decided to start […]

PH Carina, the 3D Printed Watch

Last month we worked with a client named Anton to create this complex, fashionable and functional watch! Anton has been creating products for 5 years. He designs watches, cufflinks, rings, bowties, clothing, furniture, installations, and completes custom work.  He explains, “I don’t have an Industrial Design background.  I am just a guy that likes to put my […]

Jamie’s Project Phase 1: Brainstorming & Research

  After days of racking my brain for product ideas, I have identified two problems that I notice each day: As a solution to these problems, I have decided to design and develop a stylish, electronics free cellphone amplifier that can also be used as a charging station and an organizer. I began to mock […]