Most Recent Design Iteration

Today was filled with sketching, modeling and then more sketching and then more modeling… you get it. Trying to find the balance between function and design is crucial when designing a product, but can also be extremely difficult when working in the digital world of 3D modeling software. After hours of trial and error in maya, I became fed up as I was unable to turn my 2D sketch of my newest design into a 3D model. A coworker of mine shook his head as I struggled to bring my vision into 3D in Maya and encouraged me to try out parametric modeling in Fusion 360, helping me with the creation of this model. If you are interested in product design, Fusion 360 has a very straightforward interface and a lot of powerful tools to explore!

In my new design, I am hoping to direct the phone’s speaker through the back tube and push it back into the main body. Tomorrow I will have this iteration printed and will be testing out the new design! Keep up to date through our social media:

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