Last month we worked with a client named Anton to create this complex, fashionable and functional watch! Anton has been creating products for 5 years. He designs watches, cufflinks, rings, bowties, clothing, furniture, installations, and completes custom work.  He explains, “I don’t have an Industrial Design background.  I am just a guy that likes to put my own cool spin on everyday things.”

Anton’s adoration for horological machines is inspired by the companies Urwerk and MB&F. His motto that he excitedly shared with us is #designdonedifferent. This philosophy is evident in his watch, “PH Carina”, created with 3DPhacktory’s printers and design help. Anton tells us that “3D printing is fabulous – it is so beneficial for both prototyping AND creating finished products.”

With the aim to tell what Anton describes as, “a brief history of time in a watch”, he identified the three ways in which we can tell time: Mechanical Manual Windup, Mechanical Automatic and Quartz. Anton decided to incorporate all three methods into one unified watch featuring three faces. The Mechanical Manual Windup and Mechanical Automatic are placed upside down so the person wearing the watch can see the “engine” at work. The Pallet Fork striking the Escapement gives the watch a ticking sound, which is how Anton came up with the name PH Carina, PH standing for “Project Heartbeat.”

Anton brought us a partially completed 3D file, which he then worked with our designer, Arthur, to perfect and finalize using  3D modeling software called Fusion 360.

Anton’s custom watch consists of his own moving parts that he found and a Vero white plastic frame, printed on the Connex500. After the frame was 3D printed, Anton was able to paint and assemble the watch himself. Anton explains that this watch is very important to him because it is something that he wants to push into the industry!

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