After days of racking my brain for product ideas, I have identified two problems that I notice each day:

As a solution to these problems, I have decided to design and develop a stylish, electronics free cellphone amplifier that can also be used as a charging station and an organizer.

I began to mock up what the product would look like in Maya. I really enjoy the simple hexagonal shape and would like to continue iterating the design to accentuate this shape. I also must keep in mind ways in which I can maximize the amplification and sound quality of the phone speaker.

Before going any further with the design, I decided to take a step back and do some research into who this product would be for and who my competitors are.

From these findings, I have noticed a gap in what my target audience needs compared to what is currently being sold to them. The speakers and docking systems available are either extremely pricey and trendy or very cheap, but lacking in aesthetics and quality. This product will aim to bridge this gap, offering an affordable price, style and the amplification that students living in small apartments need.

During my next phase I will be designing and prototyping the amplification system! To keep up to date, like 3DPhacktory on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and check out our website!