InnerSpace visits 3DPhacktory

InnerSpace, Space Channel’s daily news and entertainment show, recently visited 3DPhacktory to learn about 3D printing.

Rapid Prototyping a USB Key (In Reverse)

Introduction The rapid prototyping capabilities at 3DPhacktory (see our industrial design page) are well suited for modeling injection molded products.  Since most of our client work is private, I thought I’d show how you can model an existing injection molded part that I found at the nearby mall for $4 – an 8 GB USB […]

Why a local 3D printing service is awesome

Introduction 3D printing has been gaining momentum for a while now, thanks in part to the efforts of hobbyists to make the technology more affordable and visible. As a result, more companies and individuals approach projects with the idea that 3D printing can be at least part of the solution. It’s not that 3D printing […]