Detailed explanations, friendly support, timely follow ups is why customers who work with Javelin once, stay with Javelin. When 3DPhacktory was exploring options for our 3D printers and design software Javelin was the only company that represented the industry leaders in both of those fields. Our initial contact with Ben Sainsbury was more explanatory than sales pitch, willing to take the time to explain every detail. If there was a technical question that needed definition Luis Doval would offer several different approaches, taking time to chart the cost and benefits of the different solutions.

Javelin offers Solidworks phone support as well as structured classroom tutorial courses offered on several different campuses. Courses are available for all levels and webinars are ongoing. Christy Hendricks, the Training Advisor, has referred potential hires who have come through the training courses. After the purchase of our Objet printer follow up has been superb, with Ryan Moffet available to handle any technical questions or issues with the printers.

We have received several followup visits from Ben as well as numerous referrals and networking opportunities. Even though we are a small start-up both John Carlan and Ted Lee, the principals of the company, have dropped by and taken time to discuss our customer experience as well as offering informed opinions and problem solving. If only it could always be this way.

To learn more about Javelin, check out their website or stop by their blog for great tips and tutorials for Javelin products like Solidworks.