After creating five prototypes over the past three weeks, I am finally content with my design for hexsound. The sound from the speakers is being amplified, the phone charger has a sleek and secure path to travel through to the back, the size is great for sitting on a desk or a side table and the back is decorated with the hexsound logo.

My next step is to figure out how to turn this prototype into a sellable, scalable product. I have interviewed a large sample of my target audience and have received lots of positive feedback and reassurance that they would buy this product for a price range of $8-$12. I now need to identify my production costs and calculate what my margin will be if I am charging this low for the product. Another difficult task will be to identify the number of hexsounds I should print and bring to college with me to sell to students, as I want to make sure that I can surpass breaking even and earn a profit.

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