In a previous blog post we showed how we took a client’s character artwork from a sketch, to a 3D model, to a tangible custom action figure. Using the the client’s sketches, our designers created 3D models which were printed in ABS using our FDM printers.

3d renders


The ABS material makes for very strong prints but it is limited to the colour of the filament used in the print.  To take this figure to the next level we decided to use some of our finishing techniques to really bring our viking warrior to life. To prepare to the print for finishing we used an acetone vapour bath to give the figure a smooth glossy finish and eliminate the fine lines between layers. The acetone smoothing process is explained here in this video.

3d printed figure

After Smoothing

The acetone bath left the part with a smooth and glossy finish allowing us to move on to the next step of the finishing process. To get vibrant colour out of FDM prints the best way to finish them is with traditional paint finishing. The end result being a beautifully coloured part with all the fine details and textures fully visible.

 There are many different techniques and processes for finishing your 3D printed parts. Whether its fine painted details for a character figure or simply smoothing for a glossy finish, we have a solution to make sure your parts both look and feel the way they’re supposed to. Contact us today to learn how we can turn your idea into a reality.