Today I have continued iterating my design. I spent long hours yesterday working to achieve an old school gramophone aesthetic, as you can see in my previous blog post, but have today come to the decision that I should stick to a more modern look.

When designing a product, it is important to push your ideas to their limits and then know when it is time to scale back and refine. Picasso’s Deconstructed Bull series is a great example of this. Picasso starts off with an extremely detailed bull and as the analysis progresses, he dissects the image until he finds it’s main and simplest form and presence.

The new design features a spherical interior and an organic shaped phone stand. The phone stand is hollow, directing the sound into the spherical main body. I am hoping that the spherical interior will be much more effective at amplifying and preserving the quality of the phone’s sound than the previous hexagonal shape.

The 17 hour 3D printing process is currently underway — keep an eye out for tomorrow’s post to see how it comes out!

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