Keeping calm about 3D printed weapons

Earlier this week, the Greater Manchester Police caused a sensation when they made statements about a series of raids against organized crime suspects that included the possible recovery of 3D printed gun parts. The story was carried by the Associated Press and published all over the world. Not long after the initial report by the […]

This Week in 3D Printing

By: Nick White Pq Eyewear teams with designer Ron Arad for 3D printed eyewear line 3D printed eyeglasses aren’t anything new for most people keeping up to date on 3D printing news. However, this partnership between Arad and a mass market eyewear producer is a first in that it is actually being marketed to every […]

Resurrecting The Dinosaurs: A 3D Printing Demo in Pictures

  One of the more fun aspects of being involved in 3D printing is the visual aspect of the industry. There’s no shortage of rich media showing off the latest 3D printed designs and we spend a good chunk of time (more than we’d like to admit) cruising Thingiverse¬†and the like, looking for inspiration. This […]

Matterform visits 3DPhacktory

Matterform came to us for high resolution prints of parts for their Photon Scanner. Click here for the video

3D Printing With The Stratasys Connex Series

With so many 3D printers on the market its easy to get lost just trying to make sense of the options out there. While it isn’t too difficult to get your hands on an entry level printer, the commercial quality printers are significantly more elusive. We recently sat down with the Toronto Star to talk […]